Number of the Month

December 2015

More free energy frolics

In the great world of illusion the environmentalist establishment have packed their bags, taken limos to their private planes at their private airport, the Paris ritual having proceeded as forecast. As in the USA, the British establishment media have provided a sequel by ascribing serious seasonal flooding to the phenomenon of global warming.

Naturally they have hushed up the fact that the severity of the occurrence was largely and directly exacerbated by the EU. Groan!

So back to the entertainment – we now have a new Orbo demonstration. Before reading on, try this little riddle: what is the simplest system that would behave exactly as that shown in the video?

Such is his genius that, having revolutionised the laws of electromagnetism, with scarcely a pause, he goes on to do the same with those of electro-chemistry. Puts Faraday in the shade. Note that the new electro-chemistry embraces a potential variable (as opposed to a flux variable) that varies with area, a nice link back to global warming.

 The answer to our riddle will occur to anyone familiar with Thévenin’s theorem. It is a voltage source, say a primary cell, in series with a resistor, say a few kilohms. If we were given the short circuit current, we could use the theorem to calculate the resistance, but we are not, so we can’t. The demonstration demonstrates nothing.


Number of the month and the year – 533

This number might well be regarded as overly parochial to non-British readers, but beware, there are people like the source of this number hiding deep within your own political system, who may emerge at any time. It is the number of times the new Labour Leader has voted against his own party.

Now there is nothing immoral about an MP occasionally voting against his own party on grounds of conscience: it is a laudable feature of a working democracy. 533 is not, however occasional. It is systematic undermining.

Even those of us who bitterly regret the takeover of the political parties by the new political class, narrowly educated and constitutionally self-serving, must allow that stable democratic government requires a certain degree of unity of thought and action in the governing administration. Otherwise, as has happened in the EU and some countries blighted by attempts at proportional representation, power passes to unelected and unsackable bureaucrats. Relatively small political cliques are able to hold larger parties to ransom in order to seize control of ministries that align with their interests.

Corbyn has emerged from the Maoist gang who seized control of Haringey, a chimera created by bureaucrats in 1965 by the forced merger of peaceable ancient boroughs. It was the area most seriously hit by uncontrolled migration and became known for violent riots, just the right playground for politicians obsessed with destroying the existing culture in order to build socialism. As ever, there was a lot of destruction and not much building. A world that was horrified by ancient monuments being destroyed by extreme islamists ignored the wrecking balls grinding down the beautiful and wonderfully equipped grammar schools, which were our inheritance from our more visionary forefathers. Ironically, it has left government under the control of the privately educated elite.

Enter the Puppet Master. For all her faults, Margaret Thatcher saved the nation from a very real threat of anarchy largely engineered by far-left union leaders, who had ruthlessly exploited the apathy of their members and the wealth they endowed. This foe retrenched and, using the tools of the capitalists, such as take-overs and mergers, they slowly built an even firmer power base. Their first big move was to install a weak and malleable leader of the Labour Party, against the wishes of the general membership, in Ed Milliband. As events proved, he was unelectable as Prime Minister, but he bequeathed a ludicrously flawed electoral system for the next party leader, which produced an even less desired outcome. Voting rights in this election had been put up for sale for the price of a pint, no questions asked, and were taken up by Conservatives and people’s pets, but mainly by far-left and ultra-green outsiders. Absurdly, the consequent inundation was hailed as evidence for a dramatic increase in support for the Party.


For more detail see Meet Jeremy Corbyn


Hence, Number for the month and for the year - 533


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