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November 2015

Free energy frolics

The hysteria is building rapidly as the Paris conference approaches. The establishment media monotonously beat the drum of climate propaganda, led by the BBC, where Harrabin is in his pomp, feverishly dictating and censoring the news. No bulletin passes without some reference to climate change and the army of left wing “stand-ups” provides a continuous descant. The precious few who battle against this propaganda onslaught do not have the resources to match those of the current establishment. The conspiracy is so vast and the beneficiaries so numerous and diverse that it is quite impossible to unravel.

It is characteristic of modern political leadership that they are so paralysed by such real events as the violent insurrection by Islamic extremists that they cower away from decisive combined thought and action; yet many dutifully propose to turn up in person for the forthcoming Paris junkfest based on a wholly imaginary problem. No expense spared! The illusions of smoke and mirrors at huge costs to taxpayers make a safe and comfortable refuge from reality.

Sceptics have predicted what will happen in Paris and they are usually proven correct. So, towards the end of a personally difficult year, with intertwined problems of health and technology, I decided to take a congé from this particular illusory battlefront.

Once I had decided to ignore the Paris ritual the sense of relief was overwhelming. Standing up for science in our post-scientific era is tedious and draining. All hail to those who keep it up.

Let us turn instead to a fascinating tale that we have touched on from time to time, the Steorn Obo. Its history is neatly summarised at Dispatches from the future. In a way it is a microcosm of the global warming scheme, where free energy is a basic tenet, yet infinitely more entertaining

Let’s face it – if the Orbo man is right, the Nobel Prize in Physics should no longer be contested, but awarded to him in perpetuity. The likes of Newton and Einstein should make way for the new champion of physics.

The brinkmanship is delightful: it takes you back to the comic books of school days. “How does our hero get out of this one?” we cry, as he commits himself to a public demonstration of something that is physically impossible according to all known laws. Then with one bound he was free, as the exhibit has to be withdrawn because interference from the exhibition lights.


Number of the month – €21 million.

“One born every minute”
Attributed to P T Barnum and various

According to Dave Gardner, de facto chief analyst at our forum, this is the amount expended by Orbo Man from funds generously and repeatedly provided by shareholders. So far it has only produced some funny shaped boxes and fancy logos, but more is promised.

That’s entertainment!


Apologies for very late posting, various causes.

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