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June 2016

Referendum ad infinitum

 And always keep a-hold of Nurse
For fear of finding something worse.

Jim  –   Hilaire Belloc.

 Stirring times in the UK, with referendum fever reaching its peak. What the politicians misunderstand is that it is not European Union that many of us loathe it is TIIIS EU. Built on Jean Monnet’s authoritarian socialist dream, it has become the epitome of misgovernment under the influence of an overweening bureaucracy and a corrupt lobby system.

Stuntman Dave is becoming seriously weird under the pressure of the debate, now using barely disguised threats in an attempt to bully oldies into switching to REMAIN. There is no question of arguing from cause to effect. It is reminiscent of the popular caricature of the protection racketeer – “Nice place you got ’ere. Wouldn’t like to see nuffin’  ’appen to it.” For those of us who like to preserve the legend of British guts, it would be satisfying to think that it will have the opposite effect to that intended; but who knows? Will years of bullying by the political classes have had their effect? We shall see.

Meanwhile, we have been celebrating the ninetieth birthday of our revered head of state. Not only does she have the advantage of being a non-politician, but she has conducted herself impeccably in that crucial role. Just look at the ghastly choice facing US voters! Yet, we have the threat of the succession hanging over us. Again, we shall see.


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