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The epidemiologists

Have they got scares for you!

By John Brignell

(ISBN 0-9539108-2-2,  published July 1st 2004)


Reviews of The epidemiologists



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Sorry, Wrong Number!

The abuse of measurement

By John Brignell

(ISBN 0-9539108-0-6,  published September 30th 2000)


Sorry Reviews


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Note: One or two readers have queried as to how direct ordering helps Number Watch. If you order an independently published book from a large chain, they order it from the publisher, who incurs the postage costs and invoices them for the value of the books less their cut. Some of the larger chains, Waterstone’s for example, will then keep your money for 100 days or more before paying the invoice. This means that, by the time he has funded the cash flow, the small publisher is often working for next to nothing. The great majority of small bookshops pay on the nail and deserve support.  Furthermore, you will have to wait for your order to be sent on to the publisher and the book sent back to the retailer, which adds several days to the process.

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