Today for our weekly live interview on Campus Radio we are pleased to welcome Dr Darren Trend, who is shortly to join our University as the new Professor of Modern Communication. Good Morning Dr Trend.


Perhaps it might be appropriate for me to ask you first Ė What is actually meant by Modern Communication?

Well, its like, you know, sort ofÖÖÖ.

Precisely. So how do you feel about this appointment?

Itís like, you know, fantastically incredible.

I suppose it is particularly gratifying for you that your new subject is so in tune with current Government thinking.

Oh, definitely! Itís, kind of, incredibly fantastic. Know what I mean?

Yes, I think I do. Would it be impertinent of me to enquire as to what you said when the Vice Chancellor offered you the post?

I mean, Iím like "Nice one, John" arenít I.

Iím sure you are. It is clear that find the whole project most stimulating. How do you intend to approach it?

Give it plenty of wossname. Thatís me.

Well, it has all been most interesting. Many thanks, Dr Trend, so for now, Goodbye.


And itís goodbye for now from me, listeners. Next week at this time we shall be meeting Dr Stephane Grapelli, the new professor of Improbability in the School of Epidemiology.




© John Brignell, 2000


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