Is it true that there was a global cooling scare in the 1970s?

Yes it is true but, like the little ice age and the mediaeval warm period, it is dismissed by the eco-theological propagandists as having never happened.  In this case, however, there is not only extensive documentation but also the memories of those old enough to have experienced the scare, to whom the claim is a gratuitous insult.

Is there a familiar ring about this opening passage?

There ought to be, as it is typical of what we see today. Yet, it is from a magazine article of 1975 hyping the then well-known threat of global cooling. It has all the features that we have come to know and love about the modern version deductions from a recent random fluctuation in the temperature trend, accounts of increases in tornadoes, economic and social disasters including crop failures and much more.

Such apocalyptic warnings continued until 1983, when the scaremongers did an about turn, allegedly as a result of the prompting of the green civil servant Sir Crispin Tickel, who persuaded his boss, Margaret Thatcher, that she could use her political uniqueness in holding a science qualification to promote a new scenario, which was attractive to her as she was at war with the coal miners and the oil sheiks.

Although global warming via carbon dioxide had been mooted, it was then fashionable to believe that it was more than countered by the negative effects of pollution. The fantastic engineering solutions being promoted at the time were remarkable, only to be superseded by the economic suicide pact that was Kyoto.

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