by Steven Milloy and Michael Gough
CATO Institute, 1998
ISBN1 882577 72 8

A little book that punches above its weight, this tongue-in-cheek treatment takes the form of an instruction manual for anyone who wants to suppress real science. It is therefore addressed to personal injury lawyers, environmental extremists, food fascists, government bureaucrats, ambitious politicians from Tennessee  and all the others who stand to benefit from the banning of true knowledge. Its shafts of irony strike home with unerring accuracy. Any Brits who believe the old fallacy that Americans are incapable of understanding irony would benefit from a quick read. As you go through this set of instructions the cold recognition of what is happening in the real world creeps over you.

The stages of the process are first to stop science from happening. If that fails you have the option of preventing the flow of scientific information. Then you are in a position to fill the void. All the ploys are recognisable, not only from dumbed-down America, but also in socialist Britain.

It is only in the last paragraph that there is an eruption of optimism - the truth will out. Let us hope that it is so.

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